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Make a Fishing Game

How to Make a Fishing Game

Materials Needed
  • Thick paper or thin cardboard
  • Crayons
  • Paper clips
  • Stick
  • String
  • Tape
  • Magnet
  • Scissors

Make your own simple fishing game.

  • Draw some fish on a piece of paper or cardboard.

  • Color in the fish.

  • Cut out the fish.

  • Take a paper clip and slip it over the mouth of each fish.

  • Cut a piece of string about two feet long.

  • Tie the string to the stick.

  • Next tape a magnet to the other end of the string.

Lay your fish out on the ground and use your new fishing pole to catch them. The magnet at the end of the string attracts the paper clips and allows you to catch the fish.

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