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How to Make a String Phone

Materials Needed
  • 2 paper cups
  • String
  • Sharpened pencil

Want to send a private message to a friend? I will show you how to make a string phone. You talk into the cup on your end of the string and the sound comes out through the other cup and only your friend can hear you.

  1. Take two paper cups and poke a small hole through the center of the bottom of each cup; a pencil tip will work for this. The hole should only be big enough to fit the string through, don't make the hole too big.

  2. Poke the end of the string through one of the cups and tie a knot on the part that is inside the cup.

  3. Make the string as long as how far away you will be from the other person.

  4. Poke the other end of the string through the hole in the other cup and tie a knot so it will not pull through the cup.

  5. Now that you have a cup on each end of the string, it is ready to try.

Hold the cup up to your mouth and talk a little loud into it. Have your friend hold the other cup up to their ear. It is important that you keep the string tight between the cups and that nothing is touching the string. Now your friend should be able to hear your message through the cup..

How it works is that when you talk into the cup, your voice vibrates the string. The vibrations travel through the string like how waves travel through water. When the vibrations reach the other end, they vibrate the bottom of the cup and turn back into sound waves which your friend can hear.



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