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Make Potpourri

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How To Make Potpourri

Materials Needed
  • Flower petals
  • Fresh herbs
  • Mesh screen
  • Orange or lemon peels
  • Sealable container
  • Essential oil

Potpourri provides a pleasant aroma from dried flowers, spices and herbs. Potpourri can be displayed in an open jar, or placed into a small cloth bag called a satchel.

Plan ahead for this project, it takes about two weeks for the flowers to dry out for use in potpourri.

  1. Collect some fragrant flowers from your garden or buy cut flowers.

    • Roses, lavender, jasmine and camomile are good choices because of their strong scents.

    • Instead of flowers, you can use herbs from a garden such as basil, rosemary or thyme.

    • Use your nose to find good things to put in your potpourri.

    • Mixing different fragrances is good idea.

    • You might be able to get old flowers from a florist shop for free.

    • You will need a lot of extra material because it shrinks when it dries.

  2. Dry out your flowers and herbs.

    • Place the flowers or herbs in a single layer on a screen.

    • Support the screen off of the surface so air can flow underneath. You want air to flow over, under and between the flowers to dry them out quickly.

    • As an alternative, tie the flowers together in a bundle and hang them upside-down to dry.

  3. You will also need to add a fixative. A fixative makes the potpourri's scent last longer.

    • Orange or lemon peels can be used as a fixative.

    • Have an adult cut the peel into small strips; about 1/4" by 3/4".

    • Dry the peels with the rest of your potpourri.

  4. When the material has dried, pull the petals and leaves off and place into a container.

    • f you will be placing the potpourri into a cloth bag, then grind the petals into a small bits.

    • f you will display the potpourri in a jar, then leave the pieces whole.

  5. If you want a stronger scent, you can add essential oils (available at a craft store) or ground up incense.

    • Add just a drop or two of essential oil.

  6. lace the mixture of foliage and citrus peel into a sealed container. Shake it up and let it brew for a day or two.

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