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T-shirt Art


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Art You Can Wear
How to Make Your Own ArtworkT-Shirt

Materials Needed
  • Plain T-shirt
  • Squeezable Clothing Paint

Find a space to work that is big enough to lay out the shirt. Put down newspapers to catch any spills or in case the paint leaks through the shirt. Because the paint takes a while to dry, you might want to put something stick under the shirt so you can move it after you are done painting.

Decide if you want to decorate the front or back of the shirt. If you want to do both sides, you will have to wait until one side is dry before you can do the other side.

If you want to, draw your design on paper first. Otherwise you can just be creative right on the shirt.

Stretch out the shirt so there are no wrinkles. When you paint, you should start on the part that is farthest away so you don't mess up the wet paint as you work.

You can use as many colors as you want. There are glitter, glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent paints too. One of my favorites is glow in the dark paint because it looks so cool at night. When switching colors, take care that you don't mess up the wet paint you already applied.

I prefer to use a color shirt instead of a white one. Pick a shirt color that is lighter or darker than the color paint you want to use.

Once you have finished your design, you have to leave the shirt alone for about one day for it to dry. If you don't, the paint might smear or the shirt might stick together.

Once it is dry, clothing paint can go in the washing machine without coming off.

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